Personality Types Explained:

The MBTI® Types can be categorized into 4 behavioral Personalities:


The Guardians

ISTJ - The Inspector
As an ISTJ, you are a cool, calm and efficient individual. You have a very practical, and realistic outlook on life. You are responsible and consistent, patient with routine, and in love with a simple and predictable lifestyle. In fact, a lot of change and chaos can nearly drive you mad. Of all the Types, you focus most on data, and are the best with factual knowledge. You tend to be conventional, solid and stable. You may not win the contest for the most scintillating personality, but your trustworthy and loyal character make you a valued friend. Your desire is to be helpful to those you care about.

ISFJ - The Protector
You are one of the most practical and realistic Types. You are hard-working, thorough, responsible and consistent. You live in the present, but keep a watchful eye on things from the past that seem relevant to you. You tend to integrate facts into personal  ideas. You like a simple, predictable lifestyle. You enjoy  group memberships and family  traditions. Being part of the social  traditions around you are important, and you are easily hurt when you are excluded. You have a great desire to help. You make a loyal personal friend.

ESTJ - The Supervisor
You can be very matter-of-fact while at the same time being a decisive, take-charge individual. You are quite time and goal-oriented, factual, logical and practical. You work within an organized framework. which values rules as supreme. Your many talents suit you as a manager, an administrator or an executive. You are realistic and do well bringing order from chaos. You tend to be a natural critic, quickly seeing what's wrong in a given situation. As long as this is focused on projects or balanced with positives when applied to people, it can serve you well as a tremendous strength. You tend to like a harmonious, orderly, traditional home life.

ESFJ - The Provider
You are a very outgoing, warm-hearted friendly person. Your focus is people, and you foster harmony and cooperation among them. You tend to accept people, and you enjoy helping and managing them. You see life in terms of absolutes. You are conscientious and a born cooperator in practical and conventional ways. You are sympathetic toward people, and an attentive listener. You make a loyal friend who wants to be needed.

The Artisans

ISTP - The Crafter
You enjoy observing and analysing from a rational, realistic, objective and impersonal viewpoint. You're good at figuring out how things work. You tend to be an independent, patient and persevering thinker, which gives you great strength  in problem-solving. You get to the core of a problem and find a solution. You tend to critique rather than appreciate, which is a great strength until it's applied to relationships. You do well with a few, quiet, devoted friendships.

ISFP - The Composer
You are a very warm and sensitive person with a strong sense of values. Being an Introvert, you are private and  tend to shelter your feelings. Your feelings come out in what you do. You are an optimistic realist, and action is a very real part of you in n ature, tool use, hands-on art, plays, and compositions. of many types.. Of all the types, you are the greatest nature-lover. You enjoy the present moment, good friends and yourself make a loyal, devoted friend.

ESTP  - The Promoter
You love to observe, and then take charge. You are adaptable, flexible, tactical and practical. Your  diplomacy, realism and unprejudiced optimism make you a good negotiator or consultant. You have a tendency to be impulsive, but you  usually land on your feet in a crisis. You do well in
athletics and arts. You experience life directly, caring for family and friends.

ESFP - The Performer
Your realistic, observant, adaptable, practical, in-the-moment qualities make you good in crisis. You are accepting of people, unprejudiced, and considerate. Your active, spontaneous and practical nature suits you as a natural actor. You enjoy life, and respect freedom. You engage others, and are a loyal , fraternal friend who genuinely cares.

The Idealists

INFJ - The Counselor
You are imaginative, inspired, creative and driven. You are very independent and value harmony. Among others you promote peace and cooperation. You are an appreciating friend, offering empathy and compassion. You have a strong value system. You are sensitive, conscientious and visionary in serving others.

INFP - The Healer
You are a sensitive, cautious, quiet observer. You are the ultimate idealist! - deeply caring, a truth-seeker and loyal. Authenticity is a must, along with personal peace and integrity, and a deep set of values. You understand people and seek to develop their potential.You are a catalyst communicating your vision in creative ways. You tend to be a perfectionist. Friendships that count for you are deep and loyal.

ENFP -  The Champion
You are a warm, inspirational, enthusiastic idealist with diverse interests. You tend to be inventive, innovative, ingenious and imaginative as you turn your creative attewntion to facilitating people. You are a truth-seeker, authentic, and self-disclosing. You are a collector of people focusing on leading, supporting and encouraging their personal growth.

ENFJ - The Teacher
You are very outgoing and friendly. You are loyal to people, fostering harmony and cooperation among them. You need and give appreciation readily. With a sense of mission you exude sympathy and tact, comminicating and sharing your strong idealistic values. You lead groups well, facilitating potential and focusing on relationships. You are a cooperative participant.

The Rationals

INTJ - The Mastermind
You are the strongest Type for your inner world of ideas. You are self-confident, imaginative, inspired, creative and tenacious in pursuing your individualistic ideas. You are an intellectual analyst, always driving for self-improvement, competence and enhanced performance. In your home, you value order and harmony.

INTP - The Architect
You're quite ingenious, although quiet and reserved. Your ideas are based on logical analysis and logical possibility. You metriculously design and redesign. You are curious, original, imaginative and creative. You become preoccupied with your sharply-defined interests, making discoveries from abstract data. You tend to be intense, and develop devoted friendships.

ENTP - The Inventor
You are inventive, innovative, ingenious and insightful, and a guru of people. You are imaginative and creative, with diverse interests. You are analytic al and independent. You are outspoken, and love to argue for the fun of it. You're a great starter, enjoy the drama of give and take, and have logical reasons for everything. You enjoy charming people contact.

ENTJ - The Field Marshall
You are a natural leader and have one of the most powerful personalities. You balance peace and conflict with logical, impersonal and analytical efficiency. As the executive-in-charge, you use your efficient, creative and powerful personality to accomplish your goals. You look to the future and use your intellect to learn, accomplish and master challenges that line up with your personal code of rules. As a mentor, you empower people, and tend  to be in charge of relationships.